Terms & Conditions
Upon receipt of the purchased part, buyer has 30 days to return a rebuildable core exchange to Deep South Auto Parts for a deposit refund. After which time the core deposit is forfeited. Core exchange must be complete and fully assembled. A box of parts does not constitute a rebuildable core.

Shipping Your Core
If a shipping label was provided to you by Deep South Auto Parts LLC, it has been created specifically for the weight and box dimensions of the item you purchased.  It is imperative that you use the same box the new item came in. Also only put one item inside the box to maintain the same weight. Failure to comply will result in you being charged for the difference.

Unless otherwise agreed upon, the buyer will be completely responsible, financial or otherwise, for shipping the core exchange to Deep South Auto Parts’ facility. Core exchanges must be properly packaged to prevent fluid leaks and/or damage. If a core exchange cannot be delivered to Deep South Auto Parts’ door due to leaking fluids, buyer forfeits the core deposit.

Requirements For Refund
All core exchanges must be in good rebuildable condition in order to receive credit. Rebuildable condition is understood to mean that main components of the part can be repaired, rebuilt and recycled preventing the need to replace the entire part. Non-critical wear areas and non-moving components that do not wear over time under normal use cannot be broken, missing, or damaged to the extent it warrants replacing the component. If the part is deemed not rebuildable, no refund will be given.

Please note that we strictly adhere to our core return policy. This allows us to keep costs down and pass that savings onto our customers. Again, if the core return is not considered by us to be rebuildable, no core credit will be given and the core deposit is forfeited. Once the core has been taken apart and inspected, we will not return the core or any part of it to the customer. Even if the core credit is denied.

Along with sending us a rebuildable core in order to receive refund credit, a copy of the original invoice must be included inside the box. Failure to include the original invoice inside the box along with the core return will result in a forfeiture of the core deposit.

Requirements for Warranty
The advertised warranty for new, used, and remanufactured parts sold at Deep South Auto Parts will only be valid if a core exchange is sent in. Failure to return the required core exchange will prohibit activation of any and all warranties associated with the purchased part. Buyer has 30 days to send in the core exchange to receive the core credit and and to activate the warranty. Parts not requiring a core exchange will automatically receive warranty activation.

Warranty activation IS NOT dependent on receiving core credit. The warranty will automatically be activated once a core exchange has been received by Deep South Auto Parts, whether core credit was given or not.

Refunds & Credits
All core deposits will be refunded once a rebuildable core exchange is received and inspected by Deep South Auto Parts. Process time for refunds is generally 3-5 business days. All deposits will be refunded to the credit/debit card used at purchase. No exceptions.

Certain part numbers are considered non-rebuildable due to the parts themselves being obseleted by the manufacturer. Parts used to rebuild these items are unavailable for purchase and will not be accepted as a rebuildable core exchange. In this case, the core deposit will be forfeited.

Other Terms
Purchased parts will not ship until core deposit or core exchange is received by Deep South Auto Parts.


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