Who We Are…


Setting the industry standard for over 35 years!

At Deep South Auto Parts, we believe there is a better way to buy and sell parts. A way where customers are earned rather than bought, and it is our daily mission to achieve that end. 

Throughout the years, the auto parts industry has evolved with technology and innovation, and we have changed right along with it. Technology has enabled us to purchase more for less and produce more at a lower cost without sacrificing quality. This is why we can sell our inventory of new, used, and rebuilt parts at insanely low prices.

Technology has not only changed the seller’s market, but it has also changed the way consumers buy parts. Today’s customers have more leverage than ever in the buying process with the advent of the internet…a few clicks of the mouse can introduce consumers to a wealth of information and endless choices of virtually any part needed. So…

…Why Choose Us?

When purchasing auto parts, buyers mainly look for three things: the highest quality part, the lowest price possible, and excellent customer service. We here at Deep South Auto Parts offer all these, and then some.

Excellent customer service translates into trust. We are not here to merely sell you a part and then send you on your way. We are looking to create a network of business relationships with every transaction and make Deep South Auto Parts your trusted provider of new, used, and rebuilt parts.

Our prices are set below market-value simply because we can do that. Again, we are not here to get as much as we can from a few customers; we are here to offer quality parts at affordable prices to as many customers as we can.

All our new and used parts are OEM, which represents the manufacturer’s standard of excellence. The quality of our rebuilt parts are matched only by the manufacturer itself. And we guarantee every purchase to meet your expectation.